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Implementation of a polarized extension of the PNG file format.

What is PPNG?

PPNG is a extension to the PNG image file format. It adds 3 new chunk types:

  • qdAT
  • udAT
  • vdAT

Those are used to store the second, third and fourth values of the Stokes vector respectively.

So far, only one Q, U and V values are associated to each pixel. Potential modifications to this file format could include values for each color channel.


The goal of this file format is to help sharing polarized images in an easy-to-manipulate format while keeping reasonable file sizes (PNG data being compressed using deflate, a lossless compression algorithm). Moreover, PPNG being a PNG extension, it can be opened by any image viewer already handling PNG files. As an example, here is a PPNG image viewed in your web browser:

alt text

How to visualize polarization information?

Different kind of viewers are available with our python library. Otherwise, a web viewer is available on UCF graphics lab's website.